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We deliver qualified experience in the following areas of forestry to earn the most from your timber investment.













  As REALTOR for Great Southern Land, Eddie has rural property for sale in the following Counties in Alabama:


Blount County

Clay County

Cullman County

Etowah County

Marion County

St. Clair County

Talladaga County

Walker County

Winston County








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Welcome to Forever Green, Inc.

FOREVER GREEN, Inc, is a forestry consulting company that serves North and Central Alabama. Eddie Stone is the president of FOREVER GREEN, Inc, and has a Masters Degree in Forest Business. He has worked in the industry for over 20 years and has spent the last 10 years helping private landowners manage their forestland. Eddie is a Registered Forester and fully insured.
If you own timberland, the decisions you make today will have an impact for a generation. Whether you need to plan a timber sale, plant trees, or have your timber evaluated, hiring a professional to guide you through the process will give confidence that you are making the best decisions for now and the future. Please take the time to look at our website for all of the services offered and call or email for more information.
As FOREVER GREEN, Inc grew, Eddie Stone, RF, became a licensed real estate agent to better serve his clients. Looking for a real estate company that specializes in rural property, he joined Great Southern Land as their North Alabama Land Agent. As a REALTOR and Registered Forester, Eddie is uniquely qualified to guide you through the process of buying or selling land.
If you are looking for a good investment in real estate please follow the link below to view land for sale in Alabama.


Why is Timberland a Good Investment?

Timberland is Uncorrelated to the Stock Market

Trees don’t know about wars, bear markets, housing crises, job losses, fuel prices or any other factor that negatively impacts the economy. Trees just keep growing year after year. So investing in timberland is an excellent way to balance your portfolio as its value rises even when stocks are falling. Timberland is negatively correlated with other components of the portfolio. Because timberland investments tend to move counter cyclically with stocks and bonds, and independent of the real estate sector, timberland can provide portfolio diversification. By managing the timber growth and subsequent harvests, the forest investment could be structured to act and behave in many respects like a long-term bond.  Institutional investors have purchased timberland and are continuing to look for timberland that is for sale all across the country, including land in Alabama, with the objective being to balance their portfolios.

Trees Grow

Trees grow; the growth is compared to the interest earned at a bank. This growth is a hedge against price fluctuations. Returns from timberland investments are not only from biological growth but from upward product class movement, timber price appreciation, land price appreciation, and management/marketing inputs. The biological growth of trees makes up most of the returns of a forestland investment. Biological growth ranges from 3% in an unmanaged natural stand to 12% in an intensively managed highly productive plantation, with the average ranging between 6-9%. Upward product class movement comes from a tree moving from pulpwood to saw timber, the two basic products derived from a tree. The value of saw timber is about two to four times the value of pulpwood; therefore, as a tree grows, more of its volume is allocated to saw timber. Value is being added as volume growth and product upgrade. In regards to timber price appreciation, there has been and is expected to be a strong demand for the South’s forest resources. Prices may fluctuate on the short-term but over the long-term are expected to increase. Timberland price appreciation is partly derived from the value the land itself can produce. Forest practices continue to improve the production from the land. Combine the improved production with timber price appreciation, the overall value derived from the timber will increase; therefore, causing the underlying value of the land to increase. Also, the land itself can increase in value independently of the timber influences. Increased demand for recreational property and geographical factors can both positively influence the value of timberland. In some areas these influences far out way the positive effects from the increased value from timber. Investing in Alabama land is an excellent way to take advantage of this opportunity.

Historically, investments in timberland have provided total real returns (net of inflation) of 6-10 percent, and nominal returns of 9-15 percent.

Relatively Low Risk

As stated earlier, trees do not know of the outside forces that affect the economy, they just keep growing. As timber is growing it is standing on the stump. This storage of inventory allows flexibility to the investor. For example, investors can increase or delay the timing of harvests according to the price of the timber products. It also enables the forest manager to predict with relative certainty the volume and value of future harvests. Also, the investor can time revenues to match their own objectives, whether it is to meet a certain need or fill in gaps when other investments are depressed.

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